SPOSH - Smart Panoramic Sensor Head

On this page you'll find a collection of links for SPOSH or SPS, an ESA study financed by the Technology and Research Program (TRP) to design a camera which could observe night-time optical phenomena (e.g. meteors, lighting flashes, aurorae) from orbit. The main development task was to produce a design for a camera which is much more light-sensitive than current space cameras, and using a lens with 120 deg field of view which also is a challenge for a space application (useage of radiation-hardened glass, optical quality for the used detector).

This study ran from beginning of 2003 to Dec 2004. Two parallel contracts were awarded, one to Officine Galileo and University of Turino, Italy, the other one to Jena Optronic (DJO) and DLR, Germany. Both contracts have to produce a design for a  camera which can be qualified for flight, and build a breadboard to demonstrate that both hard- and software can achieve the requirements.

The italian study focusses on using a so-called electron-multiplied sensor as produced by E2V and built into an IXON camera from the company Andor. The breadboard will contain a commercial lens with a smaller field of fiew.

The DJO study uses a standard back-illuminated 1k x 1k CCD detector and a newly designed 120 deg ultra-fast lens to achieve the design goals.

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