The 2003 Mercury Transit

We (some enthousiastic guys from the Planetary Missions Division of ESA/ESTEC)  have observed the Mercury transit in front of the main gate of ESTEC. About 600 people looked through our telescopes... We had set up:

  • A 5" Celestron showing the complete sun in projection;
  • My 6" Meade refractor with a Thousand Oaks glass filter with an Astrovid 2000 video camera, showing the enlarged Mercury on a video monitor, or, for special guests, via a flip mirror in real life;
  • A 10" Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain and an H-alpha filter showing the prominences of the sun.
  • Here are some images obtained with the Astrovid.
    click to enlarge

    A mosaic of Mercury, the large single sunspot, and the bipolar group.

    The image with only Mercury can be seen here:

    click to enlarge


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