Nice images

Here are some astronomy-related images which I find worth publishing but which don't show up on the pages dedicated to a specific topic. Normally, if you click on the image you will get a high-resolution version. If you want to use any one of these images for your own purpose, please give credit to "(c) Detlef Koschny 1998-2008" and send me an email (detlef at to let me know that you did!
NGC1491 - the little flame nebula in Perseus, a glowing cloud of hydrogen gas. The star towards the left of the center is 11 mag. This was my first target using MaximDLs function to find an object in the vicinity of where your telescope is currently pointing - I had the mount controller aligned using alpha Perseus and searched for an interesting object less than 10 deg away.. This was taken on 02 Jan 2009.
The Moon on 07 Dec 2008, around 17h UT. I set up my 110 mm William Refraktor to test a new mount (the MAM-20) and pointed to the Moon, using a 15 mm TS eyepiece. I simply held my digital camera behind the eyepiece and pressed the button a few times. Some images were good - like the one to the left.
Comet P/17 Holmes, 07 Nov 2007, 20h00m UTC. The dark shadow on the right are my 20 x 70 binoculars. The comet forms (almost) a 90 deg triangle with alpha and delta Per. Olympus C-5060WZ, medium tele setting, 400 ASA, 15 seconds exposure, noise reduction on, fix-mounted on tripod.
The famous 'ring nebula' in Lyra, M57. Raw image of 156 s exposure with 16" Cassegrain f/10, FLI camera with E2V 42-40 CCD, auto-guided with 4" refractor and SBIG ST-4 guider camera, taken on 2006 Sep 20, 23:00:49 UT.
click to enlarge 22 deg halo, seen on 26 Jun 2004 around 14h. This one image is particularly nice - with bird and clouds... Image taken with an Olympus C-5060WZ, wide angle setting, 80 ASA, 1/2000 s exposure time (added 26 Jun 2004).
click to enlarge The Orion nebula M42. Stack of 5 images, 32x, i.e. a total of ca. 6 seconds. Watec 120N with 135 mm f/2.8 lens.
The constellation Orion above our barn. This is the view as seen from the location of my future observatory towards the south. Image taken with an Olympus C-5060WZ, wide angle setting, 400 ASA, 15 seconds exposure time (added 28 Feb 2004).
click to enlarge A nice sun dog observed in Oct 2003 (added 22 Nov 2003).
click to enlarge Scenery during the Leonid 2002 maximum in Spain (19 Nov 2002). Jorge Diaz del Rio is observing the night sky with Venus in the background and the yellow VW bus to the right (added 22 Nov 2003).

Prepared by dvk, 26 Jun 2004. Last update 04 Jan 2009.