My experiences with cameras for astronomy

On this page you will find test reports and experiences with still CCD and video cameras, used in astronomy. In the last years, I have used or been involved with the following cameras, both as an amateur and in my professional life:
The 'Low-Cost Camera (LCC)', an intensified video camera  similar to those used by many amateurs for meteor observations - see the description on my ESA meteor pages

Intensified CCD Camera (ICC)' - similar to LCC, but fiber-coupled CCD, expensive intensifiers - see description on ESA meteor pages

The Astrovid 2000 video camera - bought as a backup for the 1999 solar eclipse. I have used it somewhat for recording Planets. My best image with it was obtained during the Venus transit in 2004.

Philips ToUCam, bought summer 2003 - still working on getting good results

The Mintron - see Mintron for IRAM'  - 
Mintron in nice box, mounted to 30 m radio telescope, and a test report on my ESA meteor pages

Watec 120N - obtained Sep 2003 for testing fast photometry. See comparison between Watec and Mintron.

A test CCD camera from DLR Berlin, called MOSES, with a 1k Thomson CCD - built under ESA contract

An ST-4 as a guider for my new 16" Cassegrain. Have used it a lot from Sep 2006 to May 2007 - a little bit more sensitivity would be nice...

The camera on the Rosetta spacecraft, OSIRIS - I was Technical Manager for this 1994 - 1997. The Principal Investigator is H. U. Keller from Max-Planck-Institute,  Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany (OSIRIS at MPS)

The camera on the Smart-1 spacecraft currently flying to the Moon, AMIE. together with colleagues I provided the ground-based calibration.

I initiated an ESA study for a very light sensitive camera to observe the dark side of planets from space: SPOSH

And more, with links to come:
  • The Close-Up Imager (CLUPI) for the ExoMars rover, where I am Co-I 
  • The impact flash detection camera on the German Lunar Exploration Orbiter (LEO), where I am Co-I
I will add links as I progress in writing the web pages..., I have images from the MOSES camera, a poster on the SPOSH, a Mars video with the ToUCam, and more...

Created by dvk, 27 Dec 2003, last update 22 Jan 2008.