Koschny's Astronomy

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This web site is the entry point for a number of astronomy-related pages maintained by Detlef Koschny. Currently the main project is building a roll-off roof hut for my telescope, see "The Koschny Observatory". Bear with me for other updates and check back from time to time!

The 'AVWM' is an
astronomy club that
two friends and me
started in 1978.

Again a link to an ESA page - we
were observing from close to Munich

with reports from observing campaigns,
camera tests, links to publications....

During the Mercury transit in 
2003 we observed in front
of ESTEC and recorded on video

The story of the makings of a hut with a roll
off roof to house a 16" Cassegrain

Tests of different video and CCD
cameras for astronomy use

Partial solar eclipse on 31 May 2003
(link to AVWM page, in German)

Nice images - here are astronomy
images not related to the other topics

Venus transit, 08 Jun 2004

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